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Benj Bellon


Software Engineer @ LinkedIn

Currently a Software Engineer at LinkedIn, Benj Bellon has a background in mathematics with a passion for number theory. He is an active contributor to and, and enjoys keeping up with developments in distributed computing. He has a passion for scuba diving, sailing, and travelling.

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This 4 week mini-course designed to prepare you for technical interviews focusing on fundamentals of computer science: data structures, algorithms, problem classification, and complexity analysis. We will be reviewing topics and concepts which are commonly used as the basis for questions and coding exercises in technical interviews. We will also cover preparation strategies and tips for interviewing effectively, and how to demonstrate the critical thinking and problem solving skills that technical interviewers look for.


You’ll learn how to identify the Computer Science constructs for each type of problem. Having this knowledge at the ready allows you to speak intelligently and technically about any problem, before even writing a line of code. Core data structures: Hash Tables, Arrays, Linked Lists Complex data structures: Binary Trees, Heaps Object Oriented Design/Systems Design Searches: Binary Search, Breadth First Search/Depth First Search Sorting: Merge Sort and Quick Sort Recursion and Combinations

Week 1 - Strings & Arrays

Week 2 - Big O Notation, Linked Lists & Hash Tables

Week 3 - Binary Trees, BFS, DFS, BST, Heaps

Week 4 - Recursion and Bit Manipulations



Nguyen nhat hoang ruby

Nguyễn Nhật Hoàng

Senior Software Engineer

CoderSchool has done the awesome job which I haven't ever seen in Vietnam before. They teach people real-world skills in a market that is highly in demand with great material.


Ryan Dam

Engineer at PIXA studio

This course helps you learn as fast as possible, you have to run to catch up the course. The teachers is nice and learning environment is very friendly. This course is worth the time!

Hoan le

Hoan Le

Senior Android Developer

There is so much passion and there are so many talented people here. It's simply one of the best IT training courses in Vietnam right now.

Nguyen do swift3

Nguyen Do

Backend Software Engineer

Wonderful bootcamp and strongly recommend it! it's such an intensive course with so many late nights, but definitely worth it - learn today and have your app on your device the next day.

Dan tong swift1

Dan Tong

Director of Kodimo Technologies

It's not only learning to code but also teamworking, and learning from others. I learned Swift from this amazing school and improve a lot since then.

Hoa tran swift1

Tran Quang Hoa

Software Engineer

If you are looking for courses not only to improve your programming skills but also to meet many talented people and to practice working in a multinational environment, I recommend you to apply.

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