React and React Native

Starts on April 24.

Build Native apps for Android and iOS in JavaScript! Finally, you can write code once and deploy to both platforms, with native performance and native look and feel. It's a miracle, and it's one of the fastest growing technologies out there. Once you learn React, you'll never go back.

Sự kiện nổi bật
Workshop Miễn Phí: 19:00-21:00, 12/04/2018
From London with Love: React Native for Startups and Corporates
Info Session Miễn Phí: 10:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 16:00, mỗi ngày
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Jérémy Gotteland


React Celebrity from London, Switzerland, and France

In London he discovered React-Native while building apps for clients and took over the organisation of the local meetup. Through the past year he invited a dozen speakers from the local scene on stage, and grew it from 300 to over 1150+ members today.

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Start Date

Apr 24


Tue & Thu
7PM - 9PM


8 Weeks

Taught in



14.9M VND

Learn once, code anywhere!

This eight week course is really two classes in one - you'll learn about using React for the web, and using React Native to build native mobile apps on Android and iOS. We'll cover best practices around code structure, testing, and most intimidating of all: Redux.

  • Build dynamic, componentized web frontends in React
  • Build native apps using React Native
  • Tie it all together using Redux

Week 01: Intro to React: State and Props

Week 02: Intro to React Native

Week 03: Higher Order Components and Compound Functions

Week 04: Intro to Redux

Week 05: Advanced Redux

Week 06: System Frameworks on React Native

Week 07: Redux and React Navigation for React Native

Week 08: Demo Day


Hoan Le

CoderSchool Graduate

There is so much passion and there are so many talented people here. It's simply one of the best IT training courses in Vietnam right now

Nguyen nhat hoang ruby

Nguyễn Nhật Hoàng

CoderSchool Graduate

Coderschool has done the awesome job which I haven't ever seen in Vietnam before. They teach people real-world skills in a market that is highly in demand with great material and enthusiastic 24/7 support.


Anh Vy

Former Student

This course aims take me from zero knowledge on developing decentralised apps; to become an active early adopter who can develop an Ethereum based Blockchain app.