Web Design Bootcamp

Starts on July 09.

Turn your design to a full-interactive website. Create your own profession portfolio and receive offer from CoderSchool’s American partner companies. Become a top candidate for top IT and Advertising companies in Vietnam and the world.


Khoa Bui

Start Date

Jul 09


7pm-9pm, Mon & Wed


6 weeks

Taught in



5,500,000 VND

Throughout this course, you’ll play with web programming language such as HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap and Javascript, so you can turn your imaginations on to a website that you design yourself. You’ll also become a “heavy-weight” candidate

  • Take our class demo for free and and chat with CoderSchool’s lecturers and Co-founder.
  • Submit a simple sign-up form and challenge yourself with our Prework!
  • Don’t know anything! No worries, we’ll guide you through every step of the way. Just contact us.

Week 1: HTML5 elements and CSS3 attributes

- Build Spotify and Grab Landing Pages

Week 2: Responsive Design with Bootstrap

- Build responsive Blog and Pricing Page

Week 3: JavaScript for Web Designers

- Build a Chat App with a Chatbot

Week 4: WordPress Development

- Build and tailor your custom WordPress theme

Week 5: Design Thinking for Landing Page

- UX exercise and Final Project discussion

Week 6: Build your own Portfolio online

- Office hours for Final Project


Hoan Le

CoderSchool Graduate

There is so much passion and there are so many talented people here. It's simply one of the best IT training courses in Vietnam right now

Nguyen nhat hoang ruby

Nguyễn Nhật Hoàng

CoderSchool Graduate

Coderschool has done the awesome job which I haven't ever seen in Vietnam before. They teach people real-world skills in a market that is highly in demand with great material and enthusiastic 24/7 support.


Anh Vy

Former Student

This course aims take me from zero knowledge on developing decentralised apps; to become an active early adopter who can develop an Ethereum based Blockchain app.

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