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Mobile apps are eating the world - and React Native is the main course! We'll take you through all the steps you need to build real React Native apps, in both development and production.

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Dang Quang Minh

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Full Stack Developer at Coderschool

He has been one of our most enthusiastic and talented engineer at Coderschool. He’s always ready to take on new challenges, which makes him a great engineer and human being.

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Levels to Mastery

Next class starts Nov 27

4 weeks, 7pm - 9pm, Tue & Thu

5,000,000 VND

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Learn the basics of JavaScript ES6 and NodeJS. We'll cover everything from setting up your computer to program in JavaScript to how to use functions, variables, and methods in JavaScript. You'll be able to build a simple version of Twitter, on the web, using JavaScript.


Master JavaScript foundations Learn how to use functions and classes Experience asynchronous programming Has the needed knowledge for higher level courses such as React Native Build small but complete products

Week 1 - Welcome to programming!

Lecture: What is programming? What is JavaScript?

Lab: Exercises on Currency converter

Assignment: Number Guessing Game

Week 2 - Gentle Introduction to Web Programming

Lecture: What is HTML? CSS? How do we handle events?

Lab: Adding HTML/CSS Elements to the Currency Converter

Assignment: Adding HTML/CSS Elements to the Number Guessing Game

Week 3 - Advanced Datatypes

Lecture: Loops and Arrays

Lab: Adding Loops and Arrays to the Currency Converter

Assignment: Adding Loops and Arrays to the Number Guessing Game

Week 4 - Final Exam

Lecture: Asynchronous Programming and Course Revision

Final Exam

Next class starts Oct 29

4 weeks, 7pm - 9pm, Mon & Wed


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Build wonderful frontends, on Web AND Native Mobile in JavaScript. Write once, learn everywhere, using this modern and outrageously popular programming framework. Complete the React Native pre-work to apply for this level.


It is recommended that you already have some experience with Javascript, iOS, or Android prior to taking this course. If you think you have what it takes, try out our React "Pre-work" when you apply for the course. Otherwise, CoderSchool provide some beginner courses that will help you kickstart your programming career.

Week 1 - Introduction to React!

Introduction to State and Props.

Build an Instagram Viewer

Build a Movie Browser

Week 2 - Introduction to React Native!

Introduction to cross-platform mobile development

Build a native Tumblr Client

Build a native Tumblr Client

Week 3 - Higher-Order Components and Compound Functions

Photos, Location, Accelerometers, and other System Frameworks on Native.

Geotagged Photos Map

Final Project Design

Week 4 - Final Project

Connecting with Cloud-based Databases (Firebase)

Redux-Powered Chat App - Hook up the Store. Hook Up the Actions. Fancy Middleware + Loading Channels. Creating Channels. Selecting a Channel. Show Messages. Create Messages. Receive New Messages

Final Project Presentations

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