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With great power comes great responsibility. And in today's world, we have a great responsibility to users. Learn the principles of how to make great, user-centric products that people will love to use and use to love.

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Nguyen Gia Khanh

Ms. gia khanh

CEO & Product Ninja @Ezily | Co-owner @Xmobe Technologies

@Ezily is an on-demand shopping platform and @Xmobe Technologies is a software development agency focusing on turning ideas into testable products. Besides, she worked as ELSA Speak app Lead UI & UX Designer at 2+ Downloads and international recognition, Forbes' "5 AI startups that are changing the world". She took part in Google Launchpad’s Design Training Course on managing Design sprints & conducting user research. In addition, she also participated in Mobile Only Accelerator’s Program (Taiwan-based) for international startups (representing ELSA) to acquire users in SEA, South Asia & Easten Europe. Recently, she one of the members who started Grokking Vietnam, a community of software developers in Vietnam & Singapore.

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Levels to Mastery

Next class starts Nov 27

4 weeks, 7pm - 9pm, Tue & Thu

5,000,000 VND

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Want a job in UI/UX? Having a user-centered design mindset and professional portfolio are what it takes to truly excel as a designer starting out in the industry. If you take this introductory course you will learn the fundamentals of UX and UI design, how to test and prototype, and how to build up your own professional design portfolio.


This course is the UI/UX novice level applicable for everyone. Please bring your laptop to class.

Week 1

Lecture: Introduction to UI/UX

Lab: Case Studies Analysis

Assignment: Project Selection and Requirements Gathering Process

Week 2

Lecture: Introduction to Prototype and Sprint

Lab: Mini Sprint and Paper Wireframe

Assignment: Digital Wireframe Submission

Week 3

Lecture: UX in Focus

Lab: Common UX Practices and Tools Tutorials

Assignment: Conducting User Interview

Week 4

Lecture: UI in Focus

Lab: Application UI Creation

Assignment: InVision Prototype and PowerPoint Slides Submission

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