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This guy founded his first start-up and got a job at Uber after graduating from CoderSchool - when he was just 20 years old! As a full-stack web developer, Vỹ loves coding and what he's doing. Vỹ and his start-up have gone through lots of challenges for years but now, he is still pursuing what he believes. Let's dig into this article to know more about his journey!

Where Vỹ's starting from

Vỹ figured out what he loves early in life. From a high school boy who learned CSS and HTML by himself to build simple websites, Vỹ applied to study at National University to pursue higher education of Electrical Engineer.

Meet Vỹ - Software Engineer at EmploymentHero 

Because of his passion and talent of coding, although he was just a freshman, he got an invitation to work in a start-up founded by his teacher. As a perfectionist, he was really attentive to the Front-end part of a company's product.

Swift and TeachMe

In the summer of 2015, Vỹ noticed an iOS Swift course of CoderSchool while he was surfing the Internet. Vỹ took an entrance exam, submitting it and hence, he got a place in the class.

Vy at the Demo Day

On the Demo Day, Vỹ won the 1st prize with TeachMe - a mobile app helps you to find a tutor. That motivated Vỹ to found his own start-up after his graduation. He continued to develop TeachMe with Khang - his classmate at CoderSchool. Moreover, what he has done with TeachMe impressed a manager at Uber who attended this Demo Day, which supported him a lot in years later.

Ruby on Rail and Uber

To advance TeachMe, Vỹ and Khang planned to study the next 2 courses of CoderSchool. Vỹ was going to take part in Ruby on Rails course; therefore, he could elaborate Back-end part of TeachMe and Khang aimed to make an Android version of TeachMe so he took Android course. In those days, Vỹ also worked part-time for Uber.

TeachMe Team

There were 2 more people started to contribute to TeachMe. But after around 4 months, it wasn't stable. The team gradually dissolved and Vỹ failed for the first time. Vỹ recalled: "I looked back, I understood why I failed. I was lack of real-world experience at start-up and my leadership was bad."

On March 2016, with an impression on a manager at Uber, Vỹ got invited to become the first engineer - Full-stack developer at Uber Vietnam. Initially, Vỹ was responsible for most of stuffs from back-end to front-end as well as UIUX Design and devops, he used Ruby on Rails as a web-application framework. Later, he undertook 2 big projects which were Uber SENA - Marketplace for matching car Owner & Driver and Uber NGAY - Uber loyalty program.

Vy used to be a full-stack web developer at Uber

Although everything at Uber worked well for Vỹ, his start-up idea was still burning within him. As a result, he left Uber with one of his co-workers to found his own startup - Madeezi.

Madeezi and Teezi

At Madeezi, they developed Teezi - Smart Tutor Matching Platform. Their team had 5 people - Vỹ, My, Tien, Thien and Tan. While My and Thien took care of marketing department, Vỹ, Tien and Tan were in charge of technical applications. For Vỹ, this period of time was the hardest time in his life so far. Vỹ shared: " I was working tirelessly. I started my workday at Madeezi in the morning and later in the day, I worked part-time jobs until mid-night to earn money and maintain our business."

Madeezi Team

His team was going through lots of happy moment and difficult periods together. There was no happy ending for them, they crashed due to lack of financial resource and experience. "I was doubted so much." - Vỹ recalled. However, Vỹ strongly believed in magnificent scopes of Teezi, and now, he changed its business model, hence there was more revenue. Hopefully, everything will be great in the future.

In the meantime, Vỹ and his colleagues built LunaBot - an auto trading platform for cryptocurrency at Luna. As a full-stack web developer, he still leveraged Ruby on Rail as a main web-application framework. Now, he joined EmploymentHero.

How life is as a full-stack web developer

"Code, Eat and Sleep is a way to describe the life of a full-stack web developer, it is funny but true and I love it." - Vỹ shared. Staying in that role makes his life more colorful and diverse. When the customers are keen on his products, he feels great because his time and efforts were deeply rewarding. But before that, he has to deal with a bunch of challenging tasks such as understanding his clients or discovering about domain knowledge.

"And the most interesting thing as a full-stack web developer is you can make your own product." - Vỹ remarked in the end.

Vỹ is passionate, enthusiastic and talented by nature. He won the 1st prize on the Demo Day, after graduating from CoderSchool's course, he founded his own start-up and also got an attention from a manager at Uber. He took the second course at CoderSchool, then he got invited a full-stack web developer at Uber. Vỹ keeps working on his start-up even sometime there are no one with him and great things are waiting for Vỹ ahead. Vỹ loves programming and it helps to build him.

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