On National Demo Day of AWS Hackdays Vietnam 2019, top 5 teams competed for one-off ticket to represent Vietnam to attend the Final Hackathon in Singapore. A very tough decision had to be made to choose the winner. Read on to hear how it happened and who won!

CoderSchool was honor to be a venue sponsor for AWS Hackdays Vietnam 2019.

About AWS Hackdays 2019:

"Hack for Good" is a regional hackathon made for builders who are eager to create a positive impact on local communities with the power of technology. Builders are bringing new solutions around the four topics - HealthTech, AgriTech, Smart City and FinTech.

About National Demo Day of AWS Hackdays Vietnam 2019:

After an Online Pre-Selection round, 5 teams were selected from over 1,400 applications. On 22 March 2019, they pitched their projects to a jury of AWS Business Development Managers & Solution Architects at CoderSchool.

Each presentation was required to contain both a Pitch Deck and Working Demo or Video. Each team had five minutes to show their solution's technical superiority, and three minutes to Q&A with the judges to convince them of their project's business potential. Up for grabs was an invitation to compete in the Final Hackathon in Singapore on 10 April 2018.


To open this exclusive event, Johames Jaegers - Business Development of Agorize Asia, he invited AWS Hackdays jury and Charles Lee - Founder and CEO at CoderSchool to share their feelings.

Mr. Eric Yeo - Country General Manager at Amazon Web Service Vietnam

Mr. Charles Lee - Founder & CEO at CoderSchool


WOW Tech

WOW Tech team aims to wow the agriworld with a combination of advanced technologies  empowered by AWS. They figured out several long-term problems in Vietnamese agriculture and carried out reliable solutions applied their high-tech creations.


Nguyen Chuong and Uyen Huynh believe that everyone will have a better life with healthy skin. That's why SKIN.INC team is building a medical revolution of a healthier skin to help people who have problems with their skin through technologies, particularly focusing on Machine Learning. Their presentation was so persuasive, one of the judges remarked "I wish I could use it now."


One of the greatest problems that the world is facing today is that of environmental pollution. It have occurred everywhere, especially in big cities such as Delhi, Shanghai and of course Ho Chi Minh City. So SunVibe.city is a beautiful way to reducing the high level of pollution with Solar Energy in our city.

Dal Youth

These 4 youngsters perceived that in this hustle and bustle life, more and more people are struggling with mental health issues. Some are light, but some are serious. Then, Quan Tram, Quoc Phan, Nghi Duong and Huy Nguyen started to make changes, they have build an app named Happy Smile to encourage and remind everyone to smile everyday since a simple smile can reduce greatly our mental pressure.


In this project, Gcalls tries to develop a strong network for calling in remote and rural areas around the world. Moreover, individuals are not only the users of it, every businessmen can make a good uses of it to thrive their firms.

National Demo Day wining team:

After all of the presentations, 3 judges took around 20 minutes to decide who will be the winner of National Demo Day of AWS Hackdays Vietnam 2019.

Ultimately, the winner of AWS Hackdays Vietnam 2019 was Dal Youth.

Mr. Eric Yeo and Dal Youth

At the moment, when the judges announced the winner, 4 youngsters of Dal Youth just jumped up and down since they were so excited. Posing with them in this photo is Eric Yeo, Country General Manager of AWS Vietnam.

When I asked them to share their feelings, they said: "Unbelievable. All of us were totally surprised. Until this morning, we couldn't imagine that we made it, we just knew that we must try our best. Now, we felt so great as our time and effort was deeply rewarding. Even, we couldn't express our happiness in words."

Dal Youth was awarded an invitation to represent Vietnam at the Final Hackathon in Singapore on 10 April, 2019. 4 Vietnamese youngsters are going to compete with 5 other top teams from Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia.

CoderSchool wishes Dal Youth the best at the Final Hackathon! Make Vietnam Proud!

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