Have you ever gotten stuck on gleaning insights from huge amount of data to make important decisions for your business? Machine Learning is the solution. That's why Guidant Financial and TINYpulse invested in its course taught by CoderSchool for their employees. Read on to hear how things happened!

About Guidant Financial and TINYpulse:

Guidant Financial help us use our retirement funds to start our business while TINYpulse discovers how our employees are feeling, and performing. Both of them are multinational enterprises achieving grand prize - five-time honoree status of INC. 5000 or getting featured in reputed publications - The Atlantic, The BBC, CBS Morning News,...It's an honor for CoderSchool to partner them.

Machine Learning Course:

CoderSchool brought its Machine Learning course to Guidant Financial and TINYpulse's engineers, in order to build better, smarter products. In the course, students gained a deep understanding of the main concepts and tools necessary to use data effectively.


On the Demo Day, each student had to finish the final project and present it to our instructor and their colleagues. We had special guests in attendance from Seattle, Washington as well.


The first presentative was Harley Trung. His topic was named "Game of Love".

And the second one was Minh Le. He analyzed the recent level of happiness of citizens around the world.

An Tran investigated "App distribution based on prices" on Google Play Store. Following, Phuong Ha, Hanh Nguyen and Thang Phan had similar topic of world happiness reports from 2015 to 2017.

Next, Nguyen Khuyen and Vo Nguyen Thien An prepared a special project to analyzing internal TinyPulse data.

Lastly, Hao Tran did his presentation which was about "How to get a good rating on Google Play Store".

In the end, we took a photo of everyone. They were so happy as they finished their final projects and presented them well.

Now, they became our Alumni. Although their course is over, it's just the beginning of learning more great things! Always Be Learning!

If you are keen on collaborating with us to train your people, don't hesitate to contact us through our website: https://www.coderschool.vn/en.

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