Students flew to Vietnam for a two-week, intensive program at CoderSchool. There was no miracle at CoderSchool's campus - just a lot of hard work and determination! After just 8 days, every student successfully built e-commerce websites with one of the most cutting-edge technologies - Blockchain. They can do it, so can you - read on to be inspired by their story.

Coming to Vietnam

Meet Cheon JinWoo, Lee JiHoon, Kim JiHoon, Indigo and Ly Tuan Huy- coming from South Korea, China and Vietnam. They didn't know each other until meeting in Vietnam on January 18th, 2019 for one unique reason: to study Blockchain at CoderSchool with Mr. Duy Anh, a CoderSchool instructor.

At first glance, the Korean and Chinese students' choice can be confusing, as all of us know that both South Korea and China are developed, high-tech countries!

So why didn't they learn Blockchain at their own countries?

Actually, before that students have connected with the company, named Dewolfe. Dewolfe is a blockchain technology company with a unique focus on trust and collaborative problem-solving. It was founded by Kunho Kim, Catherine Tuntiserirat and Byungchan Lee.

The students explored Blockchain with the support of Dewolfe team members Kunho Kim, Byungchan Lee, Catherine Tuntiserirat and Dabein Lee.

According to Kunho Kim who graduated from Harvard University before co-founding Dewolfe: "Actually Blockchain isn't that famous, in Korea, we just have online courses and in China, the courses don't even exist so many people from Korea and China who want to study hands-on Blockchain would definitely go to another country such as Malaysia, Singapore,..."

"We chose Vietnam as we wanted our students to study at CoderSchool. Actually, I have studied at CoderSchool before; therefore, I strongly believe that this is the right place for our students to learn. As a result, we brought our students here."

Dewolfe & CoderSchool

In order to bring the best learning experience for the students, Dewolfe and CoderSchool had to collaborate closely and effectively together. While CoderSchool provided the school curriculum and teacher, Dewolfe supplied the students with online curriculum covering the fundamentals of blockchain, course preparation, after-hour coding sessions, comfortable accommodations, as well as fun activities.

According to an old adage, is quoted:" Today's preparation determines tomorrow's achievement." Dewolfe knew and believed that; therefore, one of the most important things they did was before coming to the Bootcamp, they created materials to prepare well for the students to make the most of the course. The whole-hearted support of Dewolfe contributed a worthwhile value to students' success.

Studying at CoderSchool

After 2 days in Vietnam, they entered CoderSchool for the first time and started the boot-camp with Huy, the only Vietnamese friend in the class.

  • At the beginning:

Like most people who encounter our rigorous boot-camp, these our students had some concerns as they didn't know anything about Blockchain. However, they were still energetic and eager to learn all the lessons.

  • During the course:

"They were extremely hard-working," said their instructor Mr. Duy Anh.

Our students faced many challenges in the course - including problems with English. Many could listen and understand, but could not speak fluently. Also, many had no programming experience so had a lot to learn about JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Solidity in a short time.

And how did they conquer their problems?

I asked them that question and they simply said: "Our teacher was really supportive and caring to us. Another reason is that our learning is really hands-on so that it motivated us to overcome all the obstacles that we faced. Whenever we got stuck, we kept trying and searching, over and over again until our things were working. "

A picture can say a thousand words:

Indigo (left): "Humm, this is hard..."

Cheon JinWoo (right): "Let's take a selfie and then continue solving all those errors."

Students took this whiteboard from CoderSchool to their dorm rooms, where they would work at least until midnight, every day after taking classes at school. Our local guy, Huy, he also shared this experience with his foreign classmates.

  • Working until Demo Day

The students worked hard every single day in their course and worked even harder to both finish building their projects and prepare to present them!

  • On Demo Day:

At 11 am, many people gathered to listen to their project presentations. The students experienced a mixture of nervousness and excitement as they got ready.

To start, Mr. Duy Anh shared about how stressful he felt when the course began as his students were not familiar with JavaScript nor Blockchain! But thankfully, after 8 days of hard work, he was very happy that all of his students could create their personal projects from scratch.

Then, each guy came along and embodied his creativity respectively.

Number one speaker was Lee JiHoon. He shared about his platform which displays and sells diverse beautiful and authentic works of Art. The next one was Indigo. He didn't just only present his e-shopping website but also talked about why he had a purpose to do that.

The third and the fourth guys were Kim JiHoon and Cheon JinWoo. Both of them promoted the safety of trading through Blockchain and how it can prevent customers from fraud on their retail websites.

And the last man was Tuan Huy. Our Vietnamese student, he captured people by embodying about his websites which can help everyone to buy shares in amazing high-rise buildings on an international scale.

Ultimately, the Demo Day was finished.

At this point of time, they shared to me that: "Sometimes, we didn't believe that we could work it out, but finally we did it. Although we felt very tired and sleepy when we forced ourselves to work hard, our accomplishments were well worth it. Now, we are ardent to learn more things relative to coding and programming in our universities and we are confident enough to think that we can do anything."

Coming home

Before going back to their dorm rooms to get ready for the flight that night, when I asked them about their feelings with their course and CoderSchool, whether they like them or not.

They told me: " We loved this place. There was no such place in Korea as everyone we met in here was really friendly and warm and tried to help us; therefore, it made us feel comfortable and supportive. It was memorable. About the course, we really appreciated our teacher, the way he explained the lessons made us understand them more easily. The most important thing was the learning method at CoderSchool, it was really hands-on, as well as practical so that we enjoyed to study more than the lecturing style in Korea. That's it. Oh, we also want to revisit here."

The journey of Cheon JinWoo, Lee JiHoon, Kim JiHoon, Indigo and Tuan Huy at CoderSchool seemed to end but I think it is just a beginning for their lifelong journey onward. Especially, in the new year, 2019, they can make all the differences they dream.

At CoderSchool, we have the best courses with experienced instructors and we always try to offer better training for Vietnamese engineers, especially young Techie guys as we really care about the young generation of our nation. Whether you are from universities or institutions, if you keen on collaborating with CoderSchool in training your IT students, don't hesitate to contact us through our website:

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