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Have you ever felt uncertainty when making a big, life-changing decision? CoderSchool instructor Minh, despite his young age, found himself in a similar situation. He went from a playful and carefree youngster to a workaholic software engineer. Read on to hear how he looked before he leapt to achieve his dreams!

The past: A city boy

Minh has been a software engineer for the past two years, since he was 20 years old. He works really hard, often coding more than 60 hours a week. Minh didn't grow up wanting to be a developer - he never thought of until one day, he realized that he loved playing computer games (RPGS to be exact). This prompted Minh to start thinking about programming his own computer games.

Meet Minh!

University: A regular student

In August 2014, Minh started to study Computer Science at university. Playful not-concerned about learning, he never realized what the next two years would bring.

Minh: A change

By his second year of studying computer science, Minh's thinking started changing. He started thinking about how his parents couldn't support him forever and that he needed to take responsibility for his own life. He changed and started taking his coding study seriously. He also thought more about his career path. However, he felt that only learning at university wasn't enough for him and started to look for other places to upgrade his coding skills.

Finding: CoderSchool

One day, Minh noticed CoderSchool through an email sent by a professor in his university. He quickly grew excited thinking about all the things related to frontier technologies, Silicon Valley's innovations, and many more.

CoderSchool: "One of the most talented and enthusiastic students," said Charles, CEO of CoderSchool

Upon joining CoderSchool's 8-week Android class, taught by Charles, Minh immediately fell in love with CoderSchool's rigorous studying environment. All of the students tried their best and worked really hard because they had a clear goal and vision of what they want to do with their programming skills. Every person helped to boost the class's morale.

Minh shared:"I love all the lessons I learned or assignments I completed. As they were so practical, I knew I could make good usage of what I learned to solve actual problems in real life."

Minh and Charles

He thought that he was really lucky to join CoderSchool in such a young age. In CoderSchool's community, people are determined to what they are doing but they aren't afraid to support others and  take some time off from studying to socialize after class! Minh told me: "My classmates were so cool, which forced me to work hard and effectively to catch up with them. As a result, I could collaborate well with others, our working process was smooth, and more importantly, our final project was great."

After graduating from CoderSchool: On the way of becoming a true developer

Minh describes himself in three ways:

  • A Workaholic Developer

Minh works full-time job at KVY Technology, a Ho Chi Minh-city based software agency, joining even while he was in university. "It was normal for me to code 10 hours these days." He credits his long hours to helping him grow and mature, both as a developer, and as a human being.

Working everywhere: Minh worked at the cafe.
  • A Fast and Curious Learner

Minh's ability to learn things quickly attracts many compliments from his friends and colleagues.  Furthermore, he is also curious about many things. "Quickly learning" + "Curiosity" = he knows a lot.

One example of his curiosity: Internet of Things
  • A Coding-lover

Steve Jobs once said:"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle.”

For me, I do believe that he truly loves his job. Because during our conversation, he didn't even mention about high salary or good benefits as a developer, he told me the things make him feel the happiest are debug and improve his code. He writes code, then debugging his code and whenever he could simplify his code or refine it to be 2 or 3 times more effective than the original one, he feels proud. Not because of high-income or any title, he chose to be a software engineer since he loved it so much.

Those were three great elements that have always motivated him on his way of becoming a great developer!

Software Engineer: Work-life Balance

After all, now, his life is happy. Currently, he playing a role as a full-time software engineer at KVY Technology and a teacher of 15 students in the Full-Stack Web Development Boot-camp at CoderSchool.

Minh was at CoderSchool's Job Fair 2019

In the future, he thinks that he needs to opt for more experience not only of technical aspects but also of soft skills and maybe he will take time to create some fun apps for everyone.

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