On Sunday, February 17th, 2019, CoderSchool was honored to partner with Nhu Phan (Winnie)  and MinHo Ko, co-founders of NomadWallet to help host the very first Product Hunt Meet-up ever in Vietnam at CoderSchool!

A bit about Product Hunt: a website that allows makers & users to share and discover new products. Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It’s a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations. Many tech companies have used Product Hunt as a launching pad. Meetups have been a part of Product Hunt since the beginning. To date, community members around the world have hosted more than 500 meetups in Ghana, New York, Austin, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Toronto, Amsterdam, and beyond.


Nhu Phan (NomadWallet app) and Charles, founder of CoderSchool started this event by talking about Product Hunt and its purpose - to connect and empower Marker communities in Vietnam as Vietnam has never had any Product Hunt Meet-up before.

Then, MinHo Ko gave a short introduction about NomadWallet. It is a travel expense tracker for nomads, travelers, backpackers and it was featured on Product Hunt. He shared about how he and Nhu Phan launched it and how challenging they felt.

Video Call Section

Next, we had a video call with 5 makers from around the world. Each maker shared their valuable lessons and experience. There were 5 great guys, some of them hilarious while others were really nice.

  1. Sergio - maker of getmakerlog.com and many other fun things. It was 3 am in Puerto Rico but Sergio will sleep later.
  2. René DeAnda - maker of delightful.today. Rene had just arrived in California that day from Vietnam. He plans to return to Vietnam soon!
  3. Fajar (fajarsiddiq.com) - maker of Euphorya (Owner & Founder of Creative Design Agency). He helped a lot organizing this meetup and is generally super helpful and friendly.
  4. Benjamin Spak - maker of Codecareer.org. He created a platform where developers can connect easily together.
  5. Danish - maker of public-apis.xyz talked about his product launch on Product Hunt.

Attendees expressed their excitement clearly during this section, making it last about an hour. We had Q&A session, people were asking questions on sli.do (go check sli.do with event code #L866).

They were also really happy when they have someone to share common interests, particularly making products.

How to utilize Product Hunt

Oscar, Marketing developer at ScreenCloud and proud CoderSchool graduate, presented effective ways to use Product Hunt based on his own experience launching "what's your net worth in Crypto"

  1. Idea Research: What's popular/Trends, Common Complaints, as well as Inspiration.
  2. Idea Validation:  Proof of Concept / OK to launch weekend projects / Capture emails.
  3. Build Launch List: Multiple launches / Ship by PH (free/paid).
  4. User Acquisition: Official launch / Launch updated versions / Expect one-time surge.
  5. SEO: Solid backlink / Collections.
  6. Portfolio: Real users / Shows community engagement / Implies well-rounded skill set.

Stories sharing in the communities

Spontaneously, there were some projects presented by audience members!

First was Alan, maker of Chainfuel - Telegram analytics, anti-spam, and engagement.

Second was An Tran, maker of Maeve - An Apple Music web player.

How to Join

Join the Makers in Vietnam Community on Slack to support other makers in the local community.

Thank you for reading. For further information about CoderSchool's upcoming events, follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coderschoolvn/. There are many more great events in February and March, don't hesitate to come and join us. See you soon at CoderSchool.


  1. https://www.nomadwalletapp.com/
  2. https://maevemusic.app/
  3. https://www.chainfuel.com/