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Working at an outsourcing company dissatisfied and discouraged Tan, until he turned his life into a new direction after taking a class at CoderSchool. After this life-changing experience, Tan is now a senior software engineer at Logivan, one of the top start-ups in Vietnam. Tan is great. Let's find out how he made it!

Meet Tan Bui

As a Ruby on Rails engineer at Logivan, a $7.9m venture-funded start-up in the logistics space, Tan Bui is responsible for Logivan’s back-end. Today, Tan has a happy life with great job, and ambitious plans for his personal growth and development.

Bui Nguyen Hoang Tan

However, 2 years ago, Tan was just kind of normal IT guy who was timid and unconfident about himself and his technical knowledge. Curiosity of learning was an only valued thing he had at the time.

Tan's Life Before

Tan used to work at an outsourcing company, where he couldn't choose the projects he wanted to work on, nor the technologies to work in. This 9-to-5 job made his life boring, day by day, he just went to work and came home. He barely found people who share common interests, particularly about product mindset to talk to.

Tan decided to study Ruby on Rails, but his self-studying journey was difficult and ineffective due to his limited knowledge. Although he had studied for weeks, he got rejected by 3 Tech companies when he applied for Ruby on Rails developer positions.

His call to adventure

Tan took 2-month Ruby on Rails course at CoderSchool afterward. It was a part-time class in the evening, occurring on Monday and Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm in 8 weeks. In September 2016, Tan graduated CoderSchool's course, and now armed with new abilities, he left his boring job behind.‌‌

His adventure started with 3 Alumni at CoderSchool. Tan became a core engineer at Madeezi which included Vy, My and Tien. He was also CoderSchool's teaching assistant. At Madeezi, his team worked on a mobile app, Teezi - a smart platform to help you instantly find, connect with a tutor as your needs and helped Uber on making UberNgay.

Madeezi Team

Teezi achieved different awards such as Top 8 Products of Startup Design Hackathon. However, although their product was great, it couldn't grow into a big business.‌‌

Then, at the end of September 2017, Tan applied and got offer at company based in Singapore as a software engineer utilizing Ruby on Rail and React. Tan shared:" My applying process was really fun and fast, it's just 1 week, then I bought a ticket and flew to Singapore."

Tan and his colleagues in Singapore

Photo: Alliance 21 Group‌‌‌‌


Tan returned to Vietnam on behalf of his company in order to grow Vietnamese engineers team for his company in Vietnam. Suddenly his company called him to come back to Singapore and undertake responsibilities of one of team leaders who had just resigned. But Tan refused and stayed in Vietnam.

He kept working freelance until people at CoderSchool suggested him different job opportunities. Charles Lee - CEO and Founder at CoderSchool thought that Tan would suit Logivan, John Pham - CoderSchool's Alumni recommended Tan to join a Tech start-up based in Hong Kong.

Ultimately, Logivan was his choice. Tan said: " I chose to work at Logivan as I believed that this job is meaningful. I would contribute my strengths to make Vietnam better through improving its logistic management by product of Logivan. Otherwise, challenges Logivan has faced and needed to be solved was challenging enough to capture me."

Logivan and Tan

Tan was the first engineer of Logivan in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to improving the current system and working on new features that help solving problems of users as a backend engineer using Ruby on Rails, he also helped on data challenges and to grow Logivan's team in Ho Chi Minh City.

While Tan was tackling his job, he realized one important thing. Tan recalled: " Studying at CoderSchool was a clear-sighted decision. Because I could apply approximately all of the knowledge I have learnt in CoderSchool course into my current work. Moreover, I am grateful to be a part of CoderSchool’s community."‌‌

Tan and his friends at Logivan

Photo: Logivan

He is proud of what he is doing. He shared: " I am grateful since people at Logivan trust me, they let me undertake core tasks as well as dealing with main functions of Logivan's product."‌‌  


Tan made such a great transition from an IT guy working at outsourcing company to a senior software engineer at one of the top Tech start-ups in Vietnam. He took risks, but turned his life into a new direction and is now pursuing his true passion.

After taking 1 part-time course at CoderSchool, with knowledge and days of practice, Tan got 3 offers from Tech companies which based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Next month, CoderSchool is going to open a full-time boot-camp, if you desire to change your work or even, your whole career path, come and join us.

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