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Nhu Phan left her well-paid job to travel, experience and study programming. Afterward, she took a web development course at CoderSchool and learned a ton. Intelligent, creative, and artistic by nature, Nhu is fully committed to becoming a software developer. Let's listen to her journey!

Meet Winnie!

She is Nhu Phan but just call her Winnie. After graduating from Foreign Trade University Vietnam in International Business Economics, Winnie got a well-paid job at Dutch Lady Milk Industries in Vietnam. However, Winnie surely knew that this job wasn't for her.

Learning something about Tech has always been on her mind!

Winnie had a partner in her journey into the world of technology  - her husband! Their journey started in an unlikely place: on their 6-month honeymoon.

Winnie left her job. Then she and her husband travelled through numerous countries, meeting and making friends with  many amazing people, many of whom were working remotely in as marketers, web developers, and more. This inspired them to think more about working in the Tech industry.

However, at that point in time, Winnie didn't really know where to start as this field was huge. When her journey ended, Winnie continued taking various freelance jobs until she found out that programming is something for her. As the result, she started learning coding online.

Winnie looked into CoderSchool

While her husband was learning to be a developer, Winnie was studying coding online but it's so challenging for her. Hence, she reckoned that she needed some instructions so that she looked for and knew CoderSchool. Winnie shared:" I thought that CoderSchool courses have been qualified and well-organized; therefore, I decided to look into CoderSchool more."

Studying at CoderSchool was a great experience!

Afterward, she joined CoderSchool and took a web development class. Studying at CoderSchool was a great experience."I had studied all the fundamentals of web development and was exposed to the most up-to-date technologies," Winnie said. "And I loved my homework so much as it made me enjoy what I was studying."

"CoderSchool's instructor was so supportive and he created such a positive environment. Everyone was really open to talk and discuss to find the best way to solve our problems. I learned a ton."

Working at CoderSchool

After graduating from CoderSchool, Winnie worked briefly on her first freelance gig - a website for CoderSchool: https://www.coderschool.vn/en/campus.

Although that project went well, it took work to develop her skills. "At the beginning it was not that easy" Winnie recalled. "I made some first projects but they were not as good as I expected. But as I practiced, it got easier. I gradually became more effective and productive."

Building their own products

She and her husband had an idea about their product during their honeymoon.  What helped them get started? "We didn't care anymore, we simply began it. If their product couldn't make money at least we had something to put into our profiles and learn important lessons."

They worked hard to develop their first brainchild - NomadWallet. It is a travel expense tracker for nomads, travelers, and backpackers. Winnie worked on front-end part of an app while KimHo used React Native to code the app. They released their first version after two months of frantic development. Recently, NomadWallet was featured on Product Hunt!.

Product Hunt and the community of Vietnam Makers

While they were making NomadWallet, Winnie and MinHo connected with lots of makers communities such as CoderSchool Alumni, Women Make and especially Product Hunt. They received a lot of support and inspiration from these groups. These communities played a very important role in helping them achieve their initial success. They wanted to help strengthen these communities for other makers, which is why they hosted the very first Product Hunt Meet-up ever in Vietnam on Sunday, February 17th, 2019 at CoderSchool.

Many people were in attendance, sharing their valuable lessons and experiences - and of course, their passion projects.

She regretted not learning how to code earlier!

"Yes, I did." Winnie shared. "Sometimes, I wish that I had studied coding earlier! After all, I was so happy as I did step out of my comfort zone and do what I have dared to do for a long time. Now, I can do whatever I want, learning many new things and become grown-up each day. "

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