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Fast-paced introduction to using Python for basic machine learning, covered the fundamentals you need to know how to set up machine learning models.

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Apr 22, 2019 - May 20, 2019
Data Analysis with Python

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Data Analysis with Python

Starts Apr 22, 2019
4 weeks: 7pm - 9pm, Monday & Wednesday
10,000,000 VND

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Do Hai Minh
A goal-oriented, ambitious programmer with strong analytical technical background of education & practices.

Proactive, hard-working in nature and delicate for quality of solution and performance. Finding passion & motivation in challenges relating to creative problem-solvers

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This course will introduce the main concepts and tools necessary for you to use data effectively. A strong understanding and control of data is a benefit for every job, whether you're a dentist or a business analyst. Data is the language of the 21st century - learn to speak it in just 4 weeks with CoderSchool's hands-on, practical course.


Programming experience is not necessary but will help. The only requirements for this course are a laptop computer and a desire to learn. Expect workload to be roughly 10 hours of week. This course will be taught in English

Detailed Timeline

Week 1 - Introduction to SQL

Introduction to Relational Databases

Have a strong foundation for using SQL

Airline Satisfaction Survey

Week 2 - Data Visualization

Introduction to Python & Jupyter Notebook

Matplotlib and Seaborn

Types of plots

Week 3 - Data Processing

Converting between types of data

Grouping Data

Cleaning and normalizing data

Week 4- Google Data Studio

Interact with charts and tables

Connect to your data

Date range and filter properties

Detailed Course Schedule

Course Time Teacher
Data Analysis with Python22 Apr - 20 May7pm - 9pm, Monday & WednesdayDo Hai MinhApply NowStudent and Early Bird Discounts available

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