04 November 2020

Top 10 Skills You Need to Become a Full Stack Web Developer

According to TopDev’s 2020 IT report, Full Stack Web Developer, along with Back-end and Front-end Developer, are among the Top 5 most sought-after positions right now. Moreover, Full Stack Developer can even get an astounding salary of up to $1,277 (~29.6M VND)!

A full-stack developer is a web developer or engineer who works with both the front and back ends of a website or application—meaning they can tackle projects that involve databases, building user-facing websites, or even work with clients during the planning phase of projects.

But have you ever wondered what it takes to become one? Check out the Top 10 skills you need to become a full-stack developer this 2020!

This is a very basic skill for you to become a web developer. You can add content using HTML, and style the content with CSS. Both HTML and CSS determine the look and feel of a website, which ultimately plays a major role in attracting prospective customers.

2. JavaScript
When it comes to web and software development, JavaScript is a mandatory Full Stack Developer skill. Being the sole language running natively in the browser and also a server-side language, JavaScript is becoming more widely-used with new libraries, frameworks, and tools continuously coming out.

3. Git and GitHub
Git is an open-source “distributed version control system” that allows developers to seamlessly manage all the changes made to applications, codes, websites, documents, and other information associated with software/application development. Professional developers usually have a GitHub profile, which is compulsory if working in a team.

4. Back-end Languages (for example Python, Java)
Since we’ve already noted down the two most important front-end languages, HTML and CSS (as well as JavaScript), another important skill you need to acquire is a back-end language.

While there are many back-end languages, our advice is to pick one and learn as much as possible. Python is an excellent choice if you want to get started since it’s easy and it’s on the rise.

5. Web architecture
Since Full Stack Developers are the wizards of software development, it is crucial that you acquire multiple skills pertaining to both frontend and backend development, as well as the fundamentals of web architecture.

More specifically, you will need to know how to shape your codes, organize your files, how to structure data, to name a few.

6. HTTP and REST
Both HTTP and REST serve two unique purposes. HTTP is the protocol used for facilitating communication with the client, whereas REST is an interface between systems using the HTTP protocol to gather data or perform different operations (in various formats) on the data. So, REST acts like a translator between the frontend and the backend.
7. Database storage
All web applications need a database where all the data will be stored in order to ensure that developers can access the data later. Full-stack developers must be adept in database management – they should be able to design, understand, and manipulate database queries.

8. Basic design skills
As we’ve made it clear that a Full Stack Developer is concerned with frontend and backend, they must possess the fundamental design skills. The knowledge of frontend design is crucial to make a website look attractive and appealing. A website with a neat and user-friendly design always wins the hearts of the users.

9. NPM
NPM is the package manager explicitly designed for Node.js. Not only does NPM support installation of different packages, but it also offers relevant solutions for various dependencies.

With NPM, developers can place modules optimally to help the node to find them and manage the dependency conflicts accordingly. NPM is highly configurable, and thus, it can be used for many applications, including the development, publishing, discovery, and installation of node programs.

10. Soft skills
Last but not least, in order to become a well-versed Full Stack Web Developer, you will also need to possess the perfect balance of technical knowledge and soft skills. Apart from the typical time management, attention to detail skill, creativity and patience, you also need to acquire what people call Software Engineer mindset - something that can help think and solve problems effectively.

The reason why Full Stack Web Developers need a broad skill set and extensive knowledge base is that they need to be able to work comfortably with the front end, back end, and even the database. But that’s what makes them highly valued by large companies and small startups alike.

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