01 November 2020Câu chuyện học viên

Great coders are today's rock stars. That's it.

Hi, my name is Bailey, and before becoming a coder, I had experience working as a Communication Executive for an architecture start-up.

The reason why? You’re just about to find out, read on my friend!

The dynamic changes and the ever-learning opportunities draw me into the tech world

Okay, so you know how crazy it is when you can create something amazing just by writing what would look nonsense to others, who aren't within the industry, right?

And that’s exactly what coding is to me.

But the coding world is just huge, how could I know which area is right for me, you may ask. Well, to me, Full Stack Web Development is an ever-learning field, and you'll need to update your skill-set constantly, like level-up your game character, in order to stay survive in the field.

Personally, I like the dynamic changes and learning new things, hence my decision to become a Full Stack Web Developer.

As for my previous job, it was great, but at one point I realized I am a geek, and gradually my spark for it was just, not enough anymore. At that time, I just take a look at my interests to consider a new path, and I realize I love computers and I like the challenges so much more.

Learning about CoderSchool's Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp really solidified that decision for me.

And so finally, in September 2019, I joined Sierra.

For this, I'd like to thank Charles and Trang for their hard work and dedication towards females in tech by rewarding scholarships to women of non-IT backgrounds, knowing diversity means smarter, better results.

I was even more surprised to learn that there were five other females in total in my class, and as time goes by they've proven to be all talented women, it's a pleasure I know all of them.

The time I had with CoderSchool, though short-lived, is one that I cherish a lot

Those 12 weeks lasted way too fast for me.

CoderSchool starts everybody from scratch, which means you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of computer programming.

Yet in the end, Sierra class graduated and everyone got a job in the tech field. They really finish what they’ve promised, and kudos to them for that.

The instructors have been working in the industry for several years, so we would always get real advice and knowledge of what to expect. We'd get feedback after every assignment, that’s for sure, but do you know that we also get to send out feedback to help improve our learning materials weekly? Whatever we feedback gets responded, and improved right the week after.

When CoderSchool says “Students First,” they really mean it.

Sometimes everything felt overwhelming to me, and I became doubtful about myself, but not only the instructors, but also the CoderSchool staff, talked to me, and seeing how much faith they put in me got me back on track again. I’m ever so grateful for them, I really am.

And before you know it, by the end of the course, our entire class are portfolio-ready to kick-start our career as a Software Developer.

Till this day, my classmates I am still in touch as we have formed a strong bond over the course of the most hilarious and most supportive people ever. We would often discuss technology with each other, or sometimes even schedule for a hangout altogether.

I guess I wouldn’t have met such amazing and extraordinary people like them had I decided to sign up for an online course, instead of a full-time, offline course of CoderSchool. Such turns of faith, right?

We have so many beautiful memories together, but to me, the most memorable one was during our graduation dinner party, all of my classmates and I ran around to give Charles, our instructors and our teaching assistants a group hug.

It was such a touching moment, really. And that small, short-lived moment did say a lot about how much we appreciate everyone at CoderSchool, because without them, we wouldn’t have been who we are, and wouldn’t have made it where we’re at now.

After CoderSchool, where am I now? A better job, and a brand new place, of course.

Towards the end of my Full Stack Web Development course, I was reached out by amenity management and consulting firm located in New York City for a remote job offer. And that’s how my job came to me!

The job allows me to work from anywhere in the world so I've decided to move to Danang, the tourist capital of South Central Vietnam. Here’s to a fresh start!

There was a lot for me to take at the beginning, which includes learning new technology and battling with timezone difference, but I was prepped thoroughly so it wasn't bad.

Now, I am part of the technical team that helps develop concierge and/or personal services apps for the company. Here we are provided free learning courses with Vuejs creators. There's never been really stress or pressure as the employers make sure we have fun doing our job.

At the moment, I’m in charge of the work relating to Vuejs (a JavaScript library for building web interface) and Python (a back-end programming language). The person who hired me for this job is also a woman, she's my mentor and my employer, she told me to never be afraid to break things or speak the truth.

For my fellow coders, and for the future women in tech

Just to share things as a fellow coder, I usually read my previous code, then research what is needed and see how it fits within the current system, and plan out the writing of features to ensure my code is readable.

I find that your appearance, your gender, your age, and the colour of your skin don't matter as long as you can code, and that is definitely most interesting thing about the tech field. It’s fair to everybody, you know.

Honestly, I do not see any disadvantages as a woman in tech either. You'll get a lot of support groups, and you'll be taken seriously. More women becoming coders can only benefit the economy, and therefore society, as well.

For women who find they enjoy technology and wish to pursue it professionally, my major suggestion is to first, research female tech leaders, and second, research female coders to get a good sense of all the possibilities in your potential career path. I'm enjoying my time in technology, and if you're interested, I highly suggest you try it out.