25 February 2019Machine LearningTiếng Anh

Best Online Resources to Teach Yourself Machine Learning for Free

An Do
Intern Writer / Youngest Wise Man
Hai Minh Do
Head of Academics

Online Machine Learning Courses



  1. Practical Deep Learning for Coders - https://course.fast.ai/index.html.
  2. Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders - http://course18.fast.ai/ml

Learning by Doing

At CoderSchool, we're all about learning by doing. Machine Learning, in particular, is a field where it's easy to get intimidated and overly theoretical. The best way to learn is really just to dive in. Here are some places where you can find some great inspiration for your own projects.

  1. Kaggle - the undisputed place to find data and challenges of all types.
  2. PyImageSearch - a great place to find projects relating to Computer Vision.
  3. Great article on Natural Language Processing - another excellent article from Towards Data Science.

Tiếng Việt

Most resources are in English, but here are some Vietnamese resources:

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