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From English Teacher to Coder after Joining CoderSchool

An Do
Intern Writer / Youngest Wise Man

3 years ago, after graduating from CoderSchool's course, Tien Do started his new career as a Ruby On Rails developer! Today he is a product owner. But who would have guessed that Tien Do once used to be an English teacher in Ho Chi Minh city who knew almost nothing about coding! Read on to hear more about his amazing leap into the world of technology!

Meet Tien Do

He is super cool and really friendly. Because not only does he know how to code, but he knows how to dance! When he was a university student in Texas, Tien was a Poppin' Dancer.

Could you please introduce yourself?

I'm Tien. 3 years ago, I used to be a normal English teacher in Ho Chi Minh City.

What led you to pursue a career in Tech / IT?

Although I was a teacher, I have been dreaming of building a start-up. So that I decided to self-study coding and web development but at that time, it was so hard.

What encouraged you to join CoderSchool?

Because it was challenging to self-educate in web development; therefore, I thought of looking for a place having the talented people who could teach me. And I knew about CoderSchool.

But the main reason made me join course was the placement test pre-work that I and my classmates must take before joining the course. For me, that test was really important because it would guarantee about the quality of the course and how determined students were.

What was the scariest part for you when the course started?

The only thing that I was worried about was that I wouldn't be able to catch up with my classmates. Because I personally thought that the amount of knowledge that I was going to study in the next 3 months was so overwhelming.

What was your biggest challenge while you was a student at CoderSchool?

I just had small struggles at the beginning, then I had nothing to worry at all because my instructor and my classmates were very supportive of me. And I was also really sociable to connect openly with everyone else.

How was the transition after the course?

Obviously, I have met a lot of obstacles. I often I loved the job and the people I worked with, but somehow didn't fit into the company's working environment. Fortunately, I am doing well at my current company.

Lastly, can you share some advice to inspire people who are hoping to jump into the Tech world?

I simply want them to ask about 3 major elements before learning how to code.

  1. Asking yourself why do you want to study programming. The purpose is extremely important.
  2. Number 2: Making sure that you find the right masters and places to learn and get what you want.
  3. Number 3: Be willing to ask any questions when you got stuck. Don't be afraid.

Now, Tien Do is once again a student of CoderSchool in Machine Learning course. And he repeatedly says that: "I always want to be dedicated to CoderSchool since I owed CoderSchool a lot." Sometimes, there are some workshops in CoderSchool, if he is free, he will go and talk about his story to empower everyone who are hoping to learn coding and programming. One of CoderSchool's taglines is a "World without limits" as CoderSchool was founded with the mission to enable anyone, anywhere, to do great things and the jump from into the Tech Industry. Tien Do is an awesome example for that.