08 November 2020Câu chuyện học viên

Where CoderSchool’s grads are after 1 month

I think almost everyone, at one point during their work-life, they would just stop and start to think, “Maybe it’s the time for something new and refreshing.” I too felt the same, exactly one year ago.

Hi, my name is Hai Chung,

and last year I made one of the wildest decisions in my life - switch my entire career to become what I’ve always dreamed of - a developer.

Now lemme start by saying thank you to my dear sister - Ms. Le Dao. I wouldn’t have been able to make the decision of learning at CoderSchool if it hadn’t been for her recommendation.

After that, it was 3 consecutive months of utter hard work and 100% dedication into learning how to code, coding, and debugging. Some would say that it’s the hard work that took me to where I am this very moment, but I guess it also took a bit of luck as well.

At this moment,

It's been exactly one (01) month after graduating from CoderSchool’s full-time Full Stack Web Development course, and I am currently a Software Engineer at Hubble.sg.

It was beyond my expectation of what I would receive from CoderSchool, so I am more than just grateful for their effort to deliver the best learning experience to their students, and even more for their effort to ensure that each and every student can get their dream job, with a satisfying salary, of course.

It only took CoderSchool roughly 2 weeks only to get me a software engineer position at Hubble, I really wonder how they managed to do that in such a short time!

As a complete beginner in the tech field, what I can gather after the full-stack web development course is that everything is so well designed and up-to-date with the hottest trend! They really put effort into turning you into a competent and stand-out candidate.

The academics team, and also the office staff are super friendly, dedicated, professional and always there to help you get better. The whole 3 months was a journey From Zero to Hero, not only for me, but I guess almost everyone who joined the course as well.

Another thing I would like to thank CoderSchool for is that they don’t just simply teach you what you need to know in order to become a developer, but they will ensure that you get enough experience to become a qualified one so that once your journey ends at CoderSchool, you’re already ready to kick-start your new career.

The 3-month span is the time you’ll find yourself expanding your network and making friends with people from around the world. Trust me, this is extremely important for your upcoming journey ahead.

Oh right, I forgot to mention that everything’s taught in 100% English! But don’t fret, just see it as your chance to practice your communication skills! Speak up!

It’s one hell of a ride of luck,

ever since I started working at Hubble Software. I thought I’ve already lucked out at getting this incredible job, but I guess there’s even more for me when I get to meet so many friendly, and incredibly supportive colleagues here. They always try their best to provide support to each other at work, and one thing that I really appreciate is that they always try to actually listen to what you’re saying.

It’s just been roughly a month, but the amount of what I’ve learned is just way too much to be true.

Like any newbie at work, nervousness and anxiety are inevitable. What if I’m not good enough, what if I’m not ready at all, yadda and yadda. Yet thanks to everyone’s warm welcome, I am getting stronger and more confident every day.

Last week, I struck another huge luck when I got to join a team for a trip to Singapore for a product demo to our investors. For someone who’s so new to the field like me, it was a lifetime experience. I tried to learn at best as I could, and I got to know how the working style in Singapore’s like, how a startup raises their money and develops their product.

On top of that, I also got to meet and make friends with so many new people, coming to so many exciting and lovely places and pocketing even more lessons.

Our boss even took us on a yacht trip, which was so much fun! Huge thanks to my boss! I feel like we have grown so much in just over a month. I guess they really mean it when they say “Travel broadens the mind”.

The trip’s over, I’m back at my usual workplace,

and there’s already a new self-task - “Grow more, improve more, and strive to be an important part of the company.” This may sound ambitious, but I think I would make some more time to join CoderSchool’s upcoming part-time course of Machine Learning Engineer. Here’s to even more new knowledge and learning experience.

Learning never stops.