23 November 2020Câu chuyện học viên

“Don’t let the prejudices stop you. Limitations come from within yourself, and it’s only you who can break them.”

“3 years ago, I was studying graphic design in order to become a designer, and to be honest, not an ounce of me would think that there would be a day when I would become a web developer.”

That’s how Hang started on the story of her journey. We sat down for a small talk when Hang was trying to sneak a little bit of time in-between the last phase of her Demo Day projects - one was for her Full Stack Web Development course.

“I think my biggest obstacle during my time with CoderSchool is time - there’s so much to do with so little time. Sometimes I really wish there would be 48 hours a day instead of just 24, y’ know?”

When asked about how she managed everything in such a short span of time, Hang just laughed it off, “I just sleep a lot less, haha. But the truth is that I constantly had to push through my limits. Everything needs sacrifice, nothing is easily earned. That’s how I made it today.”

Hang from 3 years ago didn’t think that she had what it took to become a developer. But life is the way it is, full of the unexpected.

During her 2 years working with graphics for UI/UX, Hang started to learn more about the tech side of graphic design. Then, she happened to hear about DevC through a friend, and the rest is history.

“I used to think that my brain was capable of using only the right hemisphere, but ever since I got into the tech world, everything has changed.”

“As a graphic designer, what I cared about was just the eye-pleasing effect - but now, as a developer, I want to come up with things that are both eye-pleasing and well thought out.”

These are two of my works from before! For more, my Dribble is always wide open to welcome everyone!


Currently used in Denmark as a math game for primary students, Matevo encourages children learning experience through small math games, challenges, and upgrading their little monsters. Moreover, teachers can hand out homework using this app as well.

You can get Matevo on App Store! Or check out its prototype here!

Local Skill

Currently running in Denmark, Local Skill allows users to look for courses such as singing, playing the guitars, drawing, sewing, cooking, etc. as well as nearby tutors. Moreover, it also allows users to review tutors and pay tuition fees directly on the app.

You can check out its prototype here. Local Skill is now available on app Store!

“Now that I prefer working in a more logic-induced way, I usually follow a specific order when I get my hands into a new project, that is - research, create wireframes, make diagrams for data flow, user flow, design the UI, then come up with the front-end using HTML, CSS, along with ReactJS and finally, dealing with the data.”

Panoko- Hang’s project for the Demo Day of Full Stack Web Development course at CoderSchool.

Hang demonstrated on her final project for the Demo Day, “Panoko is a blog platform for digital designers and artists to share their artworks. It also allows them to communicate and view each other’s works. I came up with Panoko because I wanted to create a place for designers to connect, learn, and get inspired by other designers. And I’m also looking forward to developing Panoko more in the near future as well since it’s my very first child.”

She disclosed more on her way of working, “My motto is to code and bug-test at the same time, so if something is wrong, you can fix it right away! Always test your codes, everyone, so you don’t have to suffer too much! And just to make sure everything is OK to go, I run another test again once it’s all done!”

“As a woman in tech, it’s obvious that there are times that I have to face the prejudice that this field is not suitable for women. My solution? Show them. Prove to them your ability, and eventually, they’ll shut up.”

“Of course there would be times when I find it hard to catch up to my peers, but I tell myself to not let my effort go to waste, that I cannot give up just yet. So I seek help from my instructors for the confusing parts and try again harder this time,” Hang confessed about her difficulties.

“We lost our dad when I was 16. So instead of going to college, I worked a lot of jobs in order to support my family and save up for my studies as well. Many would see this as a setback in my life, but to me, it’s actually leverage for me to push through harder and stronger. Life is like a race, if you lack advantage at the starting point, then sprint a little faster.”

She continued on her journey, “Looking back, I feel really grateful for CoderSchool and especially my 2 instructors, Mr. Loi and Mr. Khoa, for their tremendous support. I don’t think there’s gonna be anywhere else that your instructors would stay up late just to help you get that big fixed, or where everyone would support you without any judgment. So yeah, thank you CoderSchool, a lot.”

“Even my mom was pretty adamant when I first started web development, saying that it’s for boys and stuff. So I simply showed her what I could do and eventually she turned supportive of my decision!”

We decided to wrap up the talk with Hang’s advice for the fellow women in the tech field, “If you’re a woman, and you’re thinking of diving into this vast tech field, just try! Only if you try will you realize your own potential. Don’t let the prejudices stop you. Limitations come from within yourself, and it’s only you who can break them.”