30 January 2019Câu chuyện học viên

Working at Tech Startups: From Marketer to Remote Web Developer

An Do
Intern Writer / Youngest Wise Man

UPDATED IN 2020: Oscar is technical co-founder at a funded startup: https://fonos.vn/. Congratulations Oscar!

This digital marketer was really determined to become a developer and turn his idea into a business. His journey was long and full of struggles, but after it all, deeply rewarding. Today, Oscar works remotely as a professional developer. I emailed Oscar to share more about his story.

Meet Oscar Jesionek

His path has been far from ordinary: he started out in finance (M&A consulting), then worked on a project with refugees in the Middle East for the German government and the UN. Then, for a few years he worked in digital marketing, leading growth at WP Curve which was successfully acquired by GoDaddy. It wasn’t until he fell in love with coding that he finally found something he knew he wanted to do for many years to come.

What made you interested in CoderSchool?

While working as a marketer for tech startups, I realized that one day I would like to build my own software products, which is how I got interested in programming.

What motivated you to attend our Bootcamp?

The class was small, the instructors had a lot of experience working for real startups, and the classes were entirely in English. Also, the value was amazing: it was even more affordable than a lot of online bootcamps.

What was the greatest value that CoderSchool brought to you?

I think that the main value of bootcamps like the one offered by Coderschool is the personal support and feedback. You can learn how to code by yourself but the most difficult thing is staying motivated and on course for months. With an in-person bootcamp you have someone experienced there to push you and help you overcome the challenges you face.

How many breakthroughs did you create for yourself after your course ended?

A lot. First, I was able to build an entire MVP for a startup idea I had. Then, I was able to take on some freelance coding work and keep improving my skills and get paid to do so. Finally, I was able to get a remote developer job for a startup in London.

Were you satisfied with CoderSchool's Bootcamp? And are you willing to encourage your friends to join our future full-stack courses ?

Yes but only if they are prepared to work really hard. Becoming a developer is not an easy task. It requires serious commitment. I would advise anyone to ask themselves two questions:

  1. Do you love coding? When I started first experimenting with coding I had so much fun that I would spend countless hours on sites like Codecademy. If you don’t like the idea of spending countless hours in front of your computer trying to solve programming problems then this is probably not for you.
  2. How hard are you willing to work? I took the bootcamp very seriously. I did additional work by myself, read books to deepen my knowledge, and continue to study daily even today. Some students thought they could take it easy and their results were much worse than mine.

So if you’re not scared off by the two questions above - then I absolutely recommend you take the plunge and sign up for the bootcamp.

If you're interested in more, Oscar wrote about CoderSchool on his personal blog here: https://oscarjesionek.com/coding-bootcamp/]