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We want to help you become the best you can be, alongside talented peers.


Evening Classes

We meet two evenings a week so that full-time engineers can attend. You can get help on your weekly projects at tutorial sessions or on Slack.


For The Motivated & Dedicated

We push you to learn more, troubleshoot faster. The weekly projects provide extra challenges based on your experience.


Work With The Best

Pair and group with talented classmates through out the course. Join the well known CoderSchool Alumni network after you complete the course.

Top-Rated Programming Courses Available Now

Designed to help talented programmers to meet and learn new technologies fast.

Meet twice a week from 7-9 PM and build real projects and get real experience.
Best projects win prizes (our past Demo Day prizes were $1000 checks)

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Developing Developers

Master new skills in programming, design and product building.








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About the Founders

Charles (Sáng) Lee

Charles (Sáng) Lee

Computer Science, UC Berkeley, 2006
Co-Founder & Instructor

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2006, and have 10+ years of being a software engineer in Silicon Valley.

I've worked at three startups, all of which had successful exits. I was one of the first engineers at Luvocracy, a social e-commerce company which was acquired by after raising $11 million in funding from Kleiner Perkins. I was also the second engineer hired at venture-backed local recommendations startup GemShare, which was acquired by the social networking site NextDoor in early 2015.

The past year I've been working with startups CodePath and Bloc teaching iOS, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and Java.

You can read more about me on my LinkedIn profile at

Harley Trung

Harley Trung

Computer Science, Yale, 2010
Co-Founder & Instructor

I was born and grew up in Vietnam, and have spent 15 years mostly abroad in Singapore, the US and China

I studied Computer Science at Yale university, started two funded startups and went through two accelerator programs, Techstars in the US and Chinaccelerator in China. When I'm not serious (49% of the time), I like music, dancing and drinking in no particular order. Sleeping is overrated.

2016 has been a great year for both CoderSchool and myself. Primarily thanks to the work at CoderSchool, I was awarded Developer of The Year in both Vietnam and ASEAN startup awards.

You can read more about me on my LinkedIn profile at

Your Future. Our Talent.

We want to attract and grow best engineers in Vietnam and the region.

Our Business Model

We focus on our training quality and your success after the course. We can only be successful if you are successful.

Our part-time classes have attracted many talents and changed many lives. We are working to launch a paid full-time bootcamp soon.

  • CoderSchool is well-known and recognized in Vietnam and the region. We continue to partner with top tech companies to meet with you.
  • We help you with your online portfolio and how to best represent yourself online, such as LinkedIn and GitHub.
  • Through our classes, you will develop the skills needed and build impressive projects. We encourage using and contributing to Open Source Software.

If you already love your job, we are happy to work with your company to make it free for you to join. Just let us know!

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