Who We Are

CoderSchool is an organization that drives frontier technologies in Vietnam through education. We provide coding courses, mentorship and job placement for our students and alumni.


We commit to equip coders, engineers and product developers the most updated technologies for their career.


We guarantee job placement within 6 months after graduating from the advanced class.


From Silicon Valley to Vietnam, our vibrant community includes alumni, coders, engineers, founders, and investors who share a common interest in making an impact through technology.

Our Tracks


Track of Mobile Apps

Next class starts soon

Build beautiful, useful apps for Android and iOS. Taught in JavaScript (React Native).

Introduction to JavaScript for Beginners

Introduction to Mobile Development in React Native

Ml cap

Track of Machine Learning

Next class starts Feb 18

Build computational models and analyze data to predict the future. Taught in Python.

Introduction to Data Science

Machine Learning Complete

Uiux cap

Track of Product and Design

Next class starts Feb 18

Make great things people love to use.

UX & UI Design

Latest Blog Posts and Events

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Building Engineering Teams in VN

20 December

Vietnam is becoming the next destination for many companies to build their engineering teams. What are the challenges and opportunities?


Simple Machine Learning Approach: Vietnamese Population Prediction with GDP and Life Expectancy

09 November

The idea came up when i watched the news about the population growth in Vietnam and started wondering: *The Vietnamese population in 2017 is 95.54 million people, what would that figure be in the next couple of years ?*

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Dumbest Apps Ever - and How to Build them in React Native: Part 1

19 October

Some people get stuck in building the perfect app. They work on an app for years, obsessing over every little detail, planning for every feature. Others...others get sh*t done.

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Intelligent Chatbots in React Native powered by DialogFlow

14 October

We'll try to avoid recreating ELIZA, instead using Google's DialogFlow to create a smart bot (known as an agent, like Agent Smith from the Matrix), and we'll hook this all up to a React Native UI.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are experts or experienced engineers from Silicon Valley, Germany and Vietnam. All our courses are 100% in English. Every class has teaching assistants who can speak both Vietnamese and English and will provide technical and academic support.


There is so much passion and there are so many talented people here. It's simply one of the best IT training courses in Vietnam right now.

Hoan Le
Senior Android Developer

This course helps you learn as fast as possible, you have to run to catch up the course. The teachers is nice and learning environment is very friendly. This course is worth the time!

Ryan Dam
Engineer at PIXA studio

Wonderful bootcamp and strongly recommend it! it's such an intensive course with so many late nights, but definitely worth it - learn today and have your app on your device the next day.

Nguyen Do
Backend Software Engineer

If you are looking for courses not only to improve your programming skills but also to meet many talented people and to practice working in a multinational environment, I recommend you to apply.

Tran Quang Hoa
Software Engineer

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